An innovative formulation

DAXXIFY® is the first innovation in injectable frown line treatments in 20 years.

Until now, there never was an injectable wrinkle treatment formulated with a peptide.

Our peptide helps stabilize the active ingredient, instead of using human blood products like conventional frown line treatments. It also has no animal byproducts.

The peptide also enhances attachment of the active ingredient, acting like a magnet and making more toxin available to enter nerve cells.

daxxify line

Largest-ever study of its kind


Treatments given

People weren’t just treated once—many were given repeat treatments over time.


People treated

DAXXIFY® was shown to be effective across a diverse group of people with different skin tones and types.

DAXXIFY® is offered through aesthetic practices known for providing their clients with innovative treatments.
DAXXIFY® is the only prescription frown line treatment made in the United States. Created in California, it continues to be manufactured there today.

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